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Καρδαμύλη Μεσσηνίας
Kardamili Messinias Greece

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Kardamyli is a coastal village of Messinian Mani. It hardly abstains 265 km from Athens and 35 km from Kalamata. It today maintains, until, ancient name "Kardamyli" or "Skardamoyla" and in particular the Hostage includes him in the seven cities that Agamemnonas offered to Achilles in order that he returns in the battle of Troy. Today, it constitutes point of report on everywhere the world walkers, which enjoy a exceptional network of mountainous paths, which begins from the village and is unfolded NE, in sides of mountain Taygetos, reaching until the top (altitude 2.407 m.). Also, to the entry of village, coming from Kalamata, leads the gorge of Vyros (length of 20 km) to which is found also the sources where the visitors of village can drink fresh water.

Next to the gorge, old Kardamyli approaches the new one. There, in the ruins of ancient fortifications of medieval castle, the visitor can travel in some from the most important moments of Greek history. The temple of St. Spyridona, with the very beautiful belfry, builted from a descendant of Palaiologos Dynasty that found here shelter from their enemies, afterwards the conquering of Mystras, in the 1481.

The towers with Manian style, show the hard life of their residents, which received in the tower of Mourtzinos, Kolokotronis with his warriors, putting him foundations of Greek Revolution, in the beginning of March 1821. One step further life is continued. In the graphic small port of St.Yannis there are boats of local fishermen - that supply to us daily with fresh fish. All this with view of "Meropi", the islet that protects the village from South airs.

In the central street, the "AGORA" (market), are found a lot of shops that provide local products, tourist types, goods of gifts and information. There, but also in all vertical paths that lead to the sea, are found restaurants and bars.

You don't have to cover many kilometers if you want to enjoy the seaside.

The waters here are blue and clear. The variety of beaches offers countless choices (seawall for plunges, solitary or organised, with sand or pebble, even with perfect sculpted - from air and the sea - rocks). RITSA, KALAMITSI, FONEAS, KATAFYGI but also SALIVA, ANVIL and PIGADOYLI are the beaches that you should visit.

Finally Kardamyli allocates Drugstore, Surgery, (also Centre of Health in small distance), Bank - ATM, GREEK POST - TT, Super Market, while also is realised a lot of cultural and traditional events, with the attendance of local - selfcreated but also known artists.

This is Kardamili. The old and the new are joined together, creating a calm and effortless charm, as gentleman Patrick Lee Fermor - one of the greatest whiters - says, in his book of "MANI". So Kardamili is ideal for familial vacations, alternative tourism and escapes for the youngers.



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